Acquired in 2022
Amazonique Santanyi, located in Santanyi, Mallorca, was acquired in 2022 and has since become a true gastronomic icon in the region. Founded by enthusiasts of Brazilian cuisine and hospitality, the restaurant quickly captured the hearts of customers with its innovative and unique concept.

What Delights the Customers?
Amazonique Santanyi’s customers are most enchanted by the spectacular quality and taste of the food. Unlike most restaurants in Mallorca, which have very similar menus, Amazonique Santanyi stands out for its variety and originality of dishes. Using fresh, local ingredients, each dish is a true explosion of flavors that can be easily seen and savored.
Brazilian cuisine, known for its fusion of flavors from various parts of the world, including indigenous influences, brings a unique diversity to the table. This blend of influences results in dishes that surprise and enchant everyone who tries them.

Picturesque Atmosphere
Amazonique Santanyi’s atmosphere is another significant differentiator. Housed in an old, picturesque building, the restaurant offers a cozy and charming ambiance. The plants, carefully watered with mineral water to avoid the effects of the salty tap water typical of the region, create an environment that blends local species adapted to the Mediterranean climate with tropical species, bringing a bit of the Amazon to Mallorca.

Unique Differentiators
At Amazonique Santanyi, it’s not just the food that stands out but also the service and the way the dishes are served. All dishes are designed to be shared, allowing customers to try a bit of everything. Almost all dishes are finished at the table with some ritual, enchanting the customers and showing how fresh and freshly made the products are.
The service team prepares many delicacies in the Onni oven, located at the bar counter, in front of the customers. Bread, eggplant sauce, banana, and carrot cake are just a few specialties prepared in front of everyone, creating an interactive and unforgettable dining experience.

Brazilian-Style Customer Service
The service at Amazonique Santanyi is another highlight. With a Brazilian style that is gentle, charismatic, and friendly, the team makes everyone feel at home and welcome.

A Story of Transformation
Previously known as Gole, a restaurant inspired by the band Gengiskan from the 70s, Amazonique Santanyi underwent a major transformation. Purchased in March 2021, the restaurant opened in April as a test, becoming a place of creativity in the kitchen under the leadership of Chef Marcos Lee, famous in the B2B fast food sector.
The restaurant features a large grill and a special Jospar oven, allowing for the preparation of dishes in a unique way. To provide an even more complete experience, a kitchen wall was removed so that customers can see the cooking process.

Challenges and Triumphs
Amazonique Santanyi’s journey has not been without challenges. The lack of maintenance professionals, the need for filtered water, and the installation of air conditioning were some of the obstacles overcome by the team.

Why Mallorca?
Mallorca is known for its rich and diverse cuisine, but most local restaurants offer limited, heavy menus with a lot of meat, which is not ideal for summer. Moreover, the presence of Dutch food and fast food is predominant. Amazonique Santanyi set out to create a restaurant with original and different dishes that did not exist on the island.

The Brazilian Touch
The choice of Brazilian cuisine stemmed from the belief that Brazil invented true culinary fusion, integrating Japanese, European, Latin, and indigenous influences. With incredible raw materials, Amazonique Santanyi brought to Mallorca a unique culinary experience that masterfully combines tradition and innovation.

Visit Amazonique Santanyi and discover a new dimension of flavors and hospitality that go beyond the ordinary, providing an unforgettable experience with each visit.