Amazonique Featured in Mallorca Zeitung

We’re thrilled to share that Amazonique has been featured in the renowned Mallorca Zeitung! 📰✨

Experience the exotic fusion of modern Brazilian cuisine with a touch of Mallorcan flair, as highlighted in this exclusive publication. We’ve translated the German article for your enjoyment, so you can delve into the details of our unique dining experience and exquisite menu offerings. Read more about it now!

Refined Modern Brazilian Cuisine with a Touch of Mallorca at Amazonique in Santanyí

Forget the jungle camp; there’s something far more intriguing with a jungle vibe. And the fare surpasses mere rice and beans. Enter Amazonique in Santanyí. This eatery offers Brazilian delights, some with a subtle Mallorcan twist, set within a decor lushly adorned with both real and artificial greenery. It’s the revamped former Goli, now a haven of Brazilian décor accents and mirrors against the rustic stone walls of this 17th-century edifice.

The dishes here draw from Brazilian traditions but are elevated with modern flair and occasional Mallorcan influences. Take, for instance, the grilled stuffed squid, concealing a medley of farofa (toasted cassava flour), banana, bacon, and egg, all dressed with a Sobrassada and cashew sauce. Equally delightful are options like the ceviche with squid, green apple, and tomato or the trio of grilled skewers featuring shrimp, sea bream, and squid atop grape-strewn banana leaves. These are complemented by an olive oil and passion fruit sauce, alongside a grilled lemon that intensifies the citrusy notes.

The seared tuna, kissed with South American Chimichurri sauce, deviates from the norm by retaining the distinct textures and flavors of its parsley, bell pepper, thyme, oregano, bay leaf, garlic, onion, and pepper components. Other menu highlights include lychees with wasabi, cream cheese, and sesame; grilled eggplant with parmesan and salad; pumpkin soup served within its own gourd with shrimp and rice; and a grilled Tomahawk steak, Brazilian-style. For dessert, don’t miss the banana—a culinary spectacle orchestrated tableside with dulce de leche, chocolate chips, and cinnamon.

Masterminding this culinary journey is Chef Marcos Lee, born in Brazil to a Chinese father and a Spanish mother. Alongside his business partner, Willy Moeller—a German expat based in Madrid—Lee oversees several establishments in Brazil. Moeller, who has cherished Mallorca since childhood vacations, conceived the idea of yet another culinary gem on the island. Since June 2023, the helm has been manned by Brazilian duo Marina (culinary) and Rafael Nocetti (service), each boasting a decade-long stint with Lee in Brazil. “Our chef visits from Brazil a few times yearly, introducing new recipes, while others are crafted right here within the team,” shares Marina Nocetti.

Completing the sensory experience are an array of cocktails, including the quintessential Brazilian Caipirinha, further elevating the overall dining pleasure (appetizers €7–€25, main courses €25–€36, desserts €7).

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